Amla oil – the rescue for your hair

It is said that amla oil is equivalent of fenugreek oil. It strengthens hair and speeds up its growth, while having really specific smell. As it turns out these two oils have more in common than you might think.

There is a good reason for calling amla oil one of the most precious substances for hair strengthening. Women all over the world love it. Amla oil only recently travelled to us from Asia. We appreciated it’s properties, which till now were known only to Indian women. Meet all the precious properties of this oil for hair.

Where does amla oil come from?

Amla oil is obtained from the tree with green flowers. The most of oil is hidden in the fruits with sour and tart pulp. It looks like the well known gooseberry, hence the common name of this plant – Indian gooseberry.

Amla oil properties

Amla is perfectly known in Indian natural medicine. It is the best rejuvenating substance and natural antioxidant. On top of it, amla oil has antibacterial action and antiviral properties. It can eliminate inflammations, has anti-septic and firming action. Works perfectly for skincare, though not only.

Did you know that…?

The content of vitamin C in amla fruits corresponds with its content in two lemons!

Amla oil contains plenty of vitamins, tannins and polyphenols. All these ingredients indicate antioxidant action, so amla oil is effective as a rejuvenating substance. In cosmetology it is usually used in skin and hair care. Amla oil’s strengthening properties are the most known, though all parts of the Indian gooseberry are used in healing skin and hair diseases.

What is amla oil action on hair?

  • strengthens hair bulbs and follicles,
  • calms inflammations,
  • eliminates dandruff and prevents it from flaring-up,
  • prevents hair loss and makes hair stronger,
  • stimulates hair growth and baby hair are to be observed,
  • moisturises and nourishes hair, so hair is elastic and full of gloss.

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