Beauty habits to help you take better care of skin and hair

If you opt for better care of your hair and skin, then it is good to introduce some beauty habits into the routine. These will certainly provide many beneficial effects, help you organize better and perhaps get rid of skin imperfections.

Hair oil treatment overnight

It is an option best for people who tend to wash their hair in the morning. Overnight hair oil treatment holds plenty of benefits. Among many enumerated can be that your hair gets a bigger dosage of valuable ingredients for a longer period of time. How to prepare for the treatment? After you apply given oil to the hair, tie it in a braid or a bun and place a towel on the pillow. It is important to choose oil accordingly to the hair porosity type.

Dry body brushing

It is a brilliant treatment for people dealing with cellulite and stretch marks. Dry body brushing has also many other qualities, it makes skin supple, stimulates blood circulation, improves skin complexion, exfoliates dead skin cells, warms up and works like a massage. For the treatment choose moisturizing cosmetics and a brush with natural bristle.

Anti-cellulite Chinese cupping massage

Similar to vacuum massage yet on a smaller scale. It helps with treatment for cellulite and stretch marks and provides similar results to dry body brushing. Remember that Chinese cupping massage may be painful and time-consuming.


A treatment used for skin disinfection. The device used for it uses electric discharge to create ozone. Darsonvalization is recommended for people suffering from acne or excess sebum secretion. The device can be used both on the face and scalp.

Face mask

The face mask is the perfect complementation for skincare. It has various uses, properties, and actions. The composition and texture of the mask should be matched with a skin type and its needs. It is recommended to use a face mask once or twice a week after skin cleansing and exfoliation. Use it also before big events.

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