How to care for teeth after getting braces off?

Getting braces off isn’t the end of fight for even, beautiful and, above all, healthy teeth. You must be aware that not every dentist will advise you properly on the post-brace tooth care. In the article, you’re about to find basic rules for tooth care after having braces removed.

1. What to use for tooth brushing?

Use a soft bristle brush. After getting braces off, your gums are likely to be irritated or bleeding whereas necks of the teeth might be exposed. A soft brush reduces the risk for gum irritation and thoroughly removes all impurities settling between the teeth.

2. Which toothpaste to choose?

After getting braces removed, you should get a special toothpaste. The best ones are high in fluoride. You should definitely give up on whitening pastes which might cause sore gum and toothache. You must get ready for paying more because toothpastes to use with braces aren’t budget.

3. Should you use dental floss?

Using the floss is very important if you want to get rid of food leftovers and bacteria from the interdental spaces. This kind of care matters even when you still wear braces e.g. floss lets you clean the area near the brackets. You can also try cone-shaped brushes for keeping braces clean.

4. To whiten or not to whiten?

First of all, you must realize that brackets don’t leave any marks on the teeth. Because of this misconception, many former brace wearers go for whiteninging. The color of your tooth bone doesn’t change because of braces. The teeth might get yellowish because the cleaning routine is more challenging. The best you can do is have sandblasting and plaque removal done.

5. Additional tooth care

After getting braces off, it’s advisable to rinse mouth using sage infusion. This plant has antiseptic properties, prevents toothache, sore gums and the occurrence of inflammation. You should also have a dental check-up for filling replacement or teeth treatment.

6. What about wisdom teeth?

If your wisdom teeth weren’t removed before getting braces on, you should have them checked after taking braces off. You might need to have them removed, which isn’t a nice procedure but it guarantees a beautiful smile and healthy teeth.

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