Emphasize your beauty with Nanobrow eyebrow serum

In the past expressive lips were on top. Now their place has been taken by eyebrows which should be expressive and stylized. What if not everyone is lucky enough to have thick and dark eyebrows? With these people in mind Nanobrow has been launched.


Apparently, there is nothing more magnetising than a gaze highlighted by beautiful eyelashes and perfectly shaped eyebrows. That’s true but… for many women nature was not that generous. If you are also in this group, you know very well how hard it is to effectively thicken your eyebrows. It’s time to reach for the right product!

Check yourself how Nanobrow works.

Nanobrow serum – action

It’s a professional eyebrow conditioner that has been created for every woman who is not happy with her eyebrows and want to embellish them in a very simple way. The serum works externally but not superficially. Its ingredients – that follow the principle ‘quality over quantity’ – penetrate into the skin and comprehensively care for very delicate and thin hairs.

Do you know what the effects of Nanobrow are? This eyebrow serum (if it is regularly used):

  • regenerates and strengthens,
  • accelerates the growth of new hairs,
  • thickens,
  • makes the hairs more flexible, facilitating styling,
  • darkens and gives them glow,
  • prevents eyebrows from falling out.

The best eyebrow conditioner

The effectiveness of Nanobrow can be explained by the combination of two factors: the formula and the applicator. It is thanks to the ingredients that Nanobrow eyebrow conditioner is considered as a good product. In the case of Nanobrow, both of these elements are well-thought-out.

1. Perfect combination of ingredients

Nanobrow contains only the best quality ingredients that have been thoroughly tested to ensure that they effectively improve the condition of the eyebrows without causing any damage. You can find there valuable plant extracts and regenerating substances that also accelerate the natural growth of eyebrows, including Baikal skullcap extract, soy sprout and wheat germ extract, ginseng root extract, arginine, provitamin B5, glycerin and many more ingredients.

This eyebrow conditioner is safe even for allergy sufferers and the owners of sensitive skin, as well as for vegans because it is not tested on animals and it’s based on ingredients of plant origin.

2. Convenient and precise applicator

The applicator is precise and makes he application very easy. The soft tip absorbs the product so that it does not drip, but it also applies just the right amount to the eyebrows with just one move.

The handy and conveniently shaped Nanobrow applicator is something that makes the application extremely easy. Jut remove your make-up and then apply the product. And… ready!

Nanobrow conquers the hearts of women!

It is not surprising that so many women fell in love with Nanobrow. They loved it for its efficiency, speed of action (first effects are visible after 2-3 weeks), easy application, perfect composition, effects, competitive price and… many other reasons.

Get to know Nanobrow and fall in love with it!

22 Comments “Emphasize your beauty with Nanobrow eyebrow serum”

  1. Monique M.

    Oh, it’s a true stealer! It stole my heart some time ago and now I will never give it to anyone else. Truly the best eyebrow serum. It not only conditions but makes eyebrows fuller and works miracles. 🙂

  2. Victoria

    Something for me! i have sparse brows and I already even considered permenent make-up but its hard to find a beautician who knows what she’s doing

  3. MonaLisa

    When it comes to ingredients it sounds amazing. I wait for my ordered bottle and soon start tests of my own. Can’t wait!

  4. Nathalie

    It’s a shame it costs so much… castor oil is cheaper and will probably do the same thing

  5. J.L.

    Great product. All around articles on how to pluck eyebrows, and here finally something about growing eyebrows. I’m so keen on getting to know Nanobrow 🙂

  6. olimphia velo

    To all the bitter fans of castor oil: Nanobrow is better than even the best quality castor oil. Period. 😀

  7. kelly-candy

    i used revitabrow and it seemed like my eyebrows were falling out instead of growing… now i’m a bit afraid…

  8. Danny

    I bought nanobrow a month ago and i compared my current photos with the ones I had made 3 weeks ago and I can’t believe how much my eyebrows have changed. for the better, obviously 😀

  9. Capry

    For some time now I look for good eyebrow serum and when it comes to Nanobrow, then I haven’t found any bad comment about it, I think it may be IT!

  10. twisted

    i apply my own oil mix on my eyebrows 😀 and now I patiently wait for the effects

  11. Marie TX

    I love bold eyebrows but I have to add quite a lot using make-up; it’s so cool I found this article because by looking at the reviews Nanobrow is the best!

  12. Agathe

    Cool serum, but too expensive for me.

  13. Kate

    I use for 2 weeks now but don’t see much change…

    • Bow

      Works after around 4 weeks, for me it was actully 3 weeks. Awesome thing!

  14. mrs. perfect

    5 weeks of treatment with Nanobrow and I finally have eyebrows 😀

  15. sunny

    Makes eyebrows thicker and fuller, I don’t know what week that was exactly but it was pretty fast… just every evening I applied it to eyebrows and went to bed and they ‘get fuller’

  16. pauline warren

    My eyebrows fall out a lot after summer and then are significantly more sparse, this year I’m buying Nanobrow and hope that I no longer will have to suffer the same fate.

  17. m.e.

    Interesting review, I’m curious about this serum.

  18. Creamy

    I bought Nanobrow and after a week no effects to be seen yet, but I’m optimistic because my sister’s eyebrows grew back after the constant plucking.

  19. KaYa


  20. Chocolate

    I know how hard it is to find a good eyebrow serum, I have my own experienses with other conditioners and nothing worked and especially castor oil, only Nanobrow worked. Very, very good product, perfect ingredients and price!

  21. beauty

    i like castor oil, it helps manage eyebrows really well and moisturizes


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