How to condition the aging skin? See the best rejuvenating ingredients!

Products designed for mature skin are to stop or (ideally) reverse the existing signs of skin aging. What ingredients do they need to contain to tackle this formidable challenge?

Ingredients in antiaging products

Collagen, retinol, vitamin C, vitamin E, ceramides and natural oils are said to be the best ingredients in antiaging products. What effect do these elixirs of youth bring?


This is a protein and major building block of the connective tissue. It aids cuts and scars in healing, and it’s used as a wrinkle filler. Collagen is added to anti-wrinkle creams or used in the pure form – hypoallergenic gel. Fish collagen is highly-recommended – unlike classic collagen, it is made of tiny molecules which easily penetrate the skin.


This is an organic chemical compound produced by the liver. Retinol is located in the epidermis and enhances the skin’s functioning. It is the most common in anti-wrinkle creams and serums, and products dedicated to oily skin. It has exfoliating properties and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin which preserve the skin’s plumpness. Its intensity and concentration have to be suited to the needs of a given skin type and age. It intensifies the effect of vitamin A which escapes from the body because of the sunlight.

Vitamin C

It also stimulates the synthesis of collagen, plus it reduces fine lines and brightens the face giving it lovely radiance. Not only does vitamin C fight wrinkles but also reduces pigmentation spots typical of aging skin. Moreover, it enhances the functioning of blood vessels, improving the skin color. Vitamin C works the best when it’s paired with vitamin E – this is a spectacular antiaging duo. A low price of vit. C is its another asset.

Vitamin E

It has antioxidant properties, smoothes out the skin and evens out its color. Vitamin E is infused into anti-wrinkle creams, rejuvenating serums and vegetable oils, plus it’s used in its pure form.


Ceramides occur in the body to protect the skin from dehydration and consequently ensure its resilience. Because their levels drop with age, you should reach for ceramide-rich products – ceramides are well-absorbed by the skin.

Natural oils

They are vegan, organic and extracted from plants, plus budget-friendly and easily-available. The choice of oils is very wide. Argan oil and avocado oil deserve to be noted – both rich in vitamins A, E and C which have a strongly-nourishing and intensively-hydrating effect.

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