How to get a nicely tanned face? Sunbathing VS self-tanner and makeup

It’s quite a dilemma that we have to confront nowadays. We are well-aware of the fact that sunbathing isn’t safe for the skin, yet at the same time we wish to have sun-kissed complexion. How should we get a face tan to improve our looks and prevent the skin from sun-damage? Here are a few secrets of safe face tanning.

A naturally-looking and golden tan is what the majority of women dream of. If you too belong to the group of ladies who would like to get their face contoured by the sun – a complexion that is shimmering with golden reflexes – but if you are skin-conscious and recognize the risk connected with UV rays, you shall find this guide useful. Find out how to get a tanned complexion without putting its health in jeopardy.

Tanned face? Naturally!

There are women whose goal is to have a pale Snow-White complexion. On the other hand, there are also women who don’t consider subtle bronze enough. However, the majority of ladies are more for the conviction that subtle skin-tan enhances the natural beauty because it:

  • brings out cheekbones
  • makes complexion radiant
  • grants naturally-looking face contouring
  • makes face look slimmer.

It would be even better if such face tan remained with us for the whole year. This is why we want to “load” ourselves with the sun during the summer thinking that in this way we help the tan stay with us longer.

Is exposing face to the sun safe?

It should be realized that sunbathing – including getting a face tan – may contribute to accelerated skin ageing. Skin photoaging is one of the most common adverse effects of neglecting the sun protection and uncontrolled sunbathing. When exposed to UV rays, DNA gets damaged, collagen and elastin levels drop and moisture in the skin lowers, thereby:

  • skin becomes dehydrated
  • wrinkles appear faster
  • skin loses its resilience
  • pigmentation spots appear.

In order to avoid all of this, you have to follow a sensible approach to sunbathing. This means that you shouldn’t expose the face directly to the UV rays but take the advantage of the sunlight wisely. Make it easier by making use a few extra techniques. How to tan the face shrewdly?

How to get a face tan without harming the skin?

Naturally tanned skin looks gorgeous, yet the sunbathing may be dangerous. You have to make an effort to use the sun to your advantage in order bring out the natural beauty of the face without exposing it unintentionally to any damage. Below you will find the simplest ways to get a face tan safely.


The easiest way to get an even tan is by exposing the face to the sun – also, this gives you the most natural-looking effect. However, of you don’t shield the skin from UV rays, apart from the desired tan you will also have to welcome wrinkles and dull complexion. With this in mind, if you use the sun to get tanned face, always apply a SPF – this is a must! Reportedly, many people are afraid that application of a sunscreen blocks the sunlight from having any effect on skin, so there will be no tan whatsoever. This isn’t true. You will get a tan with a SPF on your face but you will need a little bit more time to achieve the desired effect. This works to your complexion’s advantage because it won’t be sunburn. It won’t be reddened or irritated either. With that being said, it’s wiser to wait a little bit longer to gain healthy and natural-looking face tan.


If you are for quick effects, you can make use of a face self tanner. This cosmetic delivers the results in a similar way as other self tanners, with one difference – its consistency is gentler for skin. And this is important because if you overdo with the fake tan, we will look bad. Therefore, make use of all lightweight face mists and self tanning mousses that produce the effects of sun-kissed skin without overburdening the face with heavy and thick consistency. However, you must be careful with applying such self tanners to skin. Why? The cream must be spread on the face evenly to prevent smudges.


Another way to create a fake tan that brings out face contours is through applying color cosmetic. This technique depends on using a one tone darker foundation and a contour kit in order to gift the face with a sunny look. With natural and subtle face contouring and by applying a highlighter wisely, you can easily make your face look as if you have just returned from a holiday spent at the seaside. Obviously, this solution has its downside. Namely, using color cosmetics to create a fake tan on the face isn’t long wearing – it lasts until you remove the makeup before going to bed. Moreover, you have to be skillful to achieve the natural-looking effects.


Finally, it’s worth realizing that there is one fine solution that allows you to amp up the natural tan without using any beauty products – just follow a special diet. Beta-carotene may prove particularly useful here because this substance allows us not only to tan faster but also it helps the skin wins darker and smooth finish. It can be delivered to skin through pills – food supplementary. Also, you can look for beta-carotene in some food products such as carrot, curly kale, parsley, apricots, pumpkin and spinach to name just a few.

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