Perversion Mascara from Urban Decay

‘I wish I had long eyelashes.’ – How many times did you repeat this wish? If you often dream about long and well taken care off eyelashes, it is time to change this size of it! Make your dream come true and give a try to Perversion mascara from Urban Decay.

604214922600_perversionMascara Perversion from Urban Decay

The producer claims that thanks to use of Perversion mascara we obtain long and black eyelashes in a nick of time. Urban Decay’s product has cream-like texture, so the one which does not run down a face right after application. What is more, the mouth of the bottle is designed in such a way to eliminate the excess of a cosmetic gathered on the wand while pulling it out of the package. In other words, we do not waste the mascara since the applicator is covered with just right amount of the product enabling perfect coating of eyelashes. Due to such a solution, eyelashes are neither clumped together nor stained with dark lumps. Moreover, the mascara contains marine algae and honey extracts, which guarantee nourishment and regeneration of eyelashes. The brush made from equal in size and length bristle provides even eyelash coating. A single package stores 12 ml of the black-shaded mascara.

Mascara Perversion from Urban Decay – How to apply?

How to coat eyelashes with Urban Decay mascara? Basically, you can begin with applying an eyelash conditioner. Then, move to coating your upper eyelashes. Mind you, if you are coating eyelashes of right eye, hold the brush in your left hand, and the other way round. Set the applicator horizontally towards eye and coat your eyelashes form base to the tips using zig-zag motion. You can apply another layers of the mascara if you wish. By holding the brush at angle, coat eyelashes of inner and outer corners of the eyes. Lower eyelashes can be covered with just one stroke. Start with inner corner of the eye. In such a way, you will make your eyes optically bigger. At the end, when your eyelashes are decorated with Perversion from Urban Decay, you can reach for a special comb and separate the little hair growing on your eyelids. In such a way, you will get rid of any black lumps and make your eyelashes look denser.

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