Body Wrapping: Does this Unusual Slimming Treatment REALLY Work?

When fighting for a beautiful, slim figure, we reach out for different methods. Some of them are quite unusual. Body wrapping is recommended as a good treatment for weight loss. To perform it, you need a… food wrap! What do you do exactly and is it worthwhile?

There are lots of things that help lose weight. Healthy diet and physical activity are the absolute basic elements when fighting for a slimmer body. Without them, losing extra pounds is like climbing Mount Everest. Once you change your eating habits and lifestyle, you can incorporate additional slimming treatments like the title body wrapping. Remember to do it following this order.

What is body wrapping?

Body wrapping is extremely popular among women trying to lose weight at the beauty salon. This body-slimming treatment is good for a start since it’s non-invasive and simple. Applying a slimming treatment and wrapping the body with a plastic wrap gives noticeable effects.

How does it work? Body wrapping step by step

If you’re not familiar with this treatment, it may seem weird but it’s surely worth trying. There’s a method in this madness!

  • The correct body wrapping starts with a body scrub to cleanse the skin, remove dead cells and prep it for nourishing.
  • Another step involves applying the right product, it’s usually a lotion rich in substances which stimulate the blood flow, nourish the skin and, in turn, accelerate fat loss.
  • Wrapping the body is the critical point. Make sure the wrap clings to skin yet not too tight to avoid disturbing the blood flow.
  • Having a lie-in for at least 45 minutes is the most pleasurable part of the treatment. Ideally, put on a blanket because warmth upgrades the effects. Take a book or watch a TV show and unwind!

What to apply to the body before wrapping?

Body lotions or masks rich in substances helping lose weight are the most popular. Caffeine, ginseng, cinnamon and ginger are the most powerful for treating cellulite and plumping the skin. They make fat burn faster through stimulating blood circulation. Products with marine algae or cosmetic mud are quite common as well.

What’s interesting, you can make a body wrapping blend yourself: mix a spoon of cinnamon and powdered ginger with two spoons of honey (a natural moisturizer). If it’s too thick, you can add some oil e.g. argan oil.

Effects after body wrapping

The results you get with body wrapping are the most interesting. This treatment surely makes sense and regular users say it helped them lose weight. In a nutshell, body wrapping:

  • accelerates fat loss.
  • increases blood flow to skin.
  • restores plumpness and tightens skin.
  • reduces swellings.
  • ensures body detox.

However, the best thing about body wrapping is it helps you lose even a few inches off your waist and makes cellulite vanish. You just need to do it on a regular basis. A one-off treatment won’t work wonders.

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