Everyday make-up. 3 propositions that suit every face type

How should your everyday make-up look like? Most of all, you should be able to do it fast when there is little time in the morning. At the same time, the make-up needs to look good, conceal all imperfections, and emphasize all that needs to stand out. Here are three propositions of daily make-up for every face shape.

There is one thing that we need to highlight before we get to discussing the best everyday make-up propositions. In theory, we all know that, but we tend to forget about it: MAKE-UP LOOKS BETTER ON FLAWLESS SKIN.

That is why it is so important to take good care of your skin beforehand. The key to it is proper skincare – skin cleanse, hydration, use of antioxidants, UV protection. A good face serum or natural oils is what can prepare your skin for make-up best and the effect will be perfect.

The idea for everyday make-up

To create an everyday make-up, you do not need much. The most important is healthy skin (as said above) and high-quality cosmetics. It is also important to avoid having too many expectations or being too ambitious because reality will quickly verify the hot-headed plan. You just need to measure the strength for your intentions – if you’re not the master at the use of eyeliner you should simply drop it and focus on the soft line along the lashes with a smudged pencil.

The question is one: can you create everyday make-up in 10 minutes? Of course, you can, but you should have an idea for it. Here are a few propositions for a fast and effective daily make-up that you can easily do even if you are running out of time.

The best ideas for everyday make-up


If you are running out of time in the morning, just go for one cosmetic and use it the best you can. Obviously, you should prepare the skin beforehand, use concealer and BB cream. Then reach for the blusher in cream which will make it easier to add some color to the skin, but can also be used for eye make-up (instead of eyeshadow) or lips make-up (instead of lipstick). This type of monochromatic make-up is a perfect option for the day make-up because creating it is not timeconsuming while shades of pink or beach may add some gentle, beautiful, and feminine appearance.


The perfect idea for everyday make-up is also the smokey eye. Why? Because it forgives plenty of mistakes and does not require too much precision that is difficult to obtain in the morning hustle. Smokey eye has plenty of different versions so you should go for those that are the most neutral. The versions with black, but also dark and expressive colors leave for the evening outings. For the everyday make-up choose earthy colors, e.g. brown, pink, pastels. You can obviously highlight those with a pinch of gold but without the exaggeration because after all, minimalism is the key.


Sometimes, not much is needed to create effective everyday make-up. The version with a line on the eye is a great option for those of you who have little time. You just need a soft eye pencil or black eyeshadow. After you apply the color along the eyelashes line, you need to rub it to gain the effect of the smokey line. You should remember to not overdo it and not to blend the cosmetic too high or too low or too far from the inner eye corner. The less product you use the easier it will be – it is better to add a bit of pencil or eyeshadow if necessary than take away excess amount.

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