Rejuvenating argan oil for hair – Truth or Myth?

A living legend – this is how people nicknamed argan oil. This great oil is obtained from argan trees which grow in the territory of Moroccan plant reservations (and only there!). But, this does not influence price of the product, which is already high. It is due to the diversity of components and features, which no other oil can gift our hair with, but argan oil. However, is argan oil as effective as opinions posted on the Internet prove it to be? Let us take a closer look at it.

Composition of argan oil

It is worth taking some time and analyse the substances argan oils is made from. This will shed a light on what makes argan oil so precious when it comes to treating mature hair. The main ingredient is E vitamin, the great quantities of which argan oil is full of. This remarkable discovery was made by Professor Zoubida Charrouf at the beginning of 90’s. Her researches proven that argan oil is a natural diversity of the vitamin of youth as well as of unsaturated fatty acids. This, in turn, validated that members of Moroccan tribes were right by describing argan oil as a substance of extraordinary nourishing and pro-healthy features. The funny part is that they did not have a clue why the oil is so precious, they just knew that the oil is worth applying. The precious features of argan oil are the result of incredible profusion of nourishing substances. However, what are the features of argan oil in particular?

Features of argan oil

The plenitude of vitamin E and EUFA (essential unsaturated fatty acids) gift argan oil with rejuvenating features. This desired action was also confirmed by many tests undergone by considerable groups of people who were asked to use argan oil regularly. In the light of this, it can be stated that all the comments on argan oil are not exaggerated because this natural substance does halt signs of hair ageing (as well as the whole body), and in some cases the signs are even regressed. This means that hair treated with argan oil is definitely stronger, more shiny, velvet smooth and looks as if it was a few years younger. Moreover, vitality is not the only effect which makes argan oil the best conditioning product for hair. Not without a reason this plant extract is also called The Elixir of Youth. Argan oil is perfect for counteracting hair loss, baldness, dandruff, itchiness, and brittleness. To conclude, argan oil deals with all the possible problems hair can be dogged by with age.

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